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The 45 Best Tumblrs Of 2013

The funny, the outrageous, the useful, and the sublime.

In no particular order:

1. Hot Dog Legs

2. Reasons My Son Is Crying

3. Wing-Manning

4. Funky Fresh In Lisa Frank

This Tumblr imagines all your favorite celebs rocking Lisa Frank.

5. Boys Clubs

6. Drake's New Friends

Drake is a liar. He has plenty of new friends.

7. The White House

8. Upworthy Springfield

9. White Men Wearing Google Glass

10. PornHub Comments on Stock Photos

11. Go Book Yourself

12. The Worst Room

13. Books of Orange Is the New Black

14. Recycled Movie Costumes

15. Selfies at a Funeral

16. Last Night's Reading

17. Bad Engagement Photos

18. This Charming Charlie

19. Things Fitting Perfectly into Other Things

20. Brides Throwing Cats

21. Emojinal Art Gallery

22. Exploding Actresses

23. Des Hommes et des Chatons (Hot Guys and Cats)

24. Actresses Without Teeth

25. Googly Eye Books

26. Drake-ing Bad

27. Beyoncé Art History

28. Sports Balls Replaced with Cats

29. How May We Hate You?

30. Black Guys with Puppies

31. Museum GIFs

32. Times Haiku

33. Movies in Color

34. Natural Palettes

35. Meowtfit

36. Miley Twerking on Things We Should Talk About

37. Who Wore It Better?

38. Great Art in Ugly Rooms

39. The Kanye West Wing

Turns out all these hipsters got their fashion inspiration from Jackie.

41. Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train

42. Porn4Jews

Oh my!

43. 100 Books That Should Be Written

44. 99 Problems

45. BuzzFeed Articles Without the GIFs