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The 45 Best Tumblrs Of 2013

The funny, the outrageous, the useful, and the sublime.

In no particular order:

1. Hot Dog Legs


2. Reasons My Son Is Crying

All the many, many completely logical reasons that children cry.

"I broke the cheese in half."

3. Wing-Manning

This guy takes selfies with people making out in public.

4. Funky Fresh In Lisa Frank

This Tumblr imagines all your favorite celebs rocking Lisa Frank.

5. Boys Clubs

WHO RUN THA WORLD? Boys clubs.

6. Drake's New Friends

Drake is a liar. He has plenty of new friends.

7. The White House

Twitter: @whitehouse

The White House officially joined Tumblr in 2013 and they took a bold stance on the pronunciation of GIF with a hard "G."

8. Upworthy Springfield

If The Simpsons had its own Upworthy.

9. White Men Wearing Google Glass

"In its favour, if Google Glass didn’t exist, all these Silicon Valley guys would be having affairs or buying unsuitable motorbikes.”

10. PornHub Comments on Stock Photos

Turns out people leave some, um, interesting comments when they're watching porn.

11. Go Book Yourself

"Book recommendations by humans, because algorithms are so 1984."

12. The Worst Room

A Tumblr devoted to some of the worst New York City real estate. This is a $1,200 room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also big this year: Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs.

13. Books of Orange Is the New Black

All of the books referenced on one of the year's biggest TV hits, Orange Is the New Black.

14. Recycled Movie Costumes

"Because you know you've seen that dress somewhere else before."

15. Selfies at a Funeral

16. Last Night's Reading

A Tumblr full of drawings and quotes from readings in New York City. This quote is from Maya Angelou's speech at the National Book Awards.

17. Bad Engagement Photos

"The silly, hilarious, and contrived."

18. This Charming Charlie

A mash-up of Peanuts comics and Smiths lyrics.

19. Things Fitting Perfectly into Other Things

"Seeing totally unrelated objects perfectly nestle inside of each other provides a certain kind of peace in an otherwise chaotic world." —Digg

20. Brides Throwing Cats

"Photoshopping cats in place of bouquets for brides to throw."

21. Emojinal Art Gallery

"Art's most famous works brought to you by the emoji."

22. Exploding Actresses

(No actresses were harmed in the making of this Tumblr.)

23. Des Hommes et des Chatons (Hot Guys and Cats)

Hot guys and their adorable cat counterparts. What more could you want??

24. Actresses Without Teeth

The most horrifying Tumblr to have ever Tumbled this year.

25. Googly Eye Books

Fact: Everything is better with googly eyes.

26. Drake-ing Bad

A Tumblr that draws Drake into scenes from Breaking Bad.

27. Beyoncé Art History

Explaining art history through Beyoncé lyrics.

Also big this year: Carter Family Portraits.

28. Sports Balls Replaced with Cats

People just really enjoyed imagining cats in random situations this year.

29. How May We Hate You?

"Entirely true stories from two hotel concierges in Times Square."

30. Black Guys with Puppies

All your favorite black celebs and their adorable puppies (OK, so the Tumblr is very liberal with the use of "puppy").

31. Museum GIFs

A sublime art Tumblr that makes GIFs from various museums around New York City.

32. Times Haiku

"Serendipitous poetry from The New York Times."

33. Movies in Color

A look at the beautiful cinematography of your favorite movies.

34. Natural Palettes

Similar to Movies in Color, but for nature. (And honorable mention from last year: Beyoncé Palettes.)

35. Meowtfit

Gucci is the flyest cat in tights.

36. Miley Twerking on Things We Should Talk About

This was undeniably a big year for Miley Cyrus, but what about all the important news of 2013? "If she's twerking on it, maybe we'll pay attention."

37. Who Wore It Better?

The "who wore it better?" of the contemporary art world. Peter Lee's "Broken Image Link" or Beom Young's "Broken Things"?

38. Great Art in Ugly Rooms

Sometimes you own a Rothko and also an underwhelming room.

39. The Kanye West Wing

For the Venn diagram of people who love Kanye and The West Wing.

Turns out all these hipsters got their fashion inspiration from Jackie.

41. Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train

A look at the way gender is embodied in public spaces.

42. Porn4Jews

Oh my!

43. 100 Books That Should Be Written

For graphic designer Tyler Adam Smith's 100-day project, he created “concepts and jackets for books that for one reason or another do not (yet) exist, but certainly should.”

44. 99 Problems

One artist imagines all of Jay Z's "99 Problems."

45. BuzzFeed Articles Without the GIFs

And if all those pesky GIFs are getting in your way here at BuzzFeed dot com, there's a Tumblr that let's you enjoy the poetry without all those Graphics Interchange Formats to distract you. YASSSS, GIRL, YASSSS!