The 13 Best Rap Songs To Play Before A Job Interview


1. Hop up out of bed. Turn your swag on.

2. Take a moment to remember all the hard work that got you there in the first place.

3. Step into the room like you have never lost anything or have ever been rejected in your life.

4. And they will respect you. You’re a BAWSE.

5. List all of your awesome skills and experiences.

6. Go hard on every question.

7. All while staying cool and collected as you brush off their curveballs.

8. And don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. You are there for a reason.

9. This is your moment!

10. Channel your inner Kanye…

11. …and set your sights for world domination.

12. They will remember your name!

13. Just don’t get too carried away…

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