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    Teyonah Parris Has The Flyest Hair On The Red Carpet


    You might know Teyonah Parris from her small role on Mad Men.

    She plays the part of Dawn Chambers, Don Draper's secretary. (Here she is blessing us with a most glorious side-eye.)

    But the Juilliard grad has a big year ahead, as Mad Men concludes, and her new project, Dear White People, hits theaters.

    The Sundance hit just picked up distribution, so you will definitely be seeing more of her this year.

    And she was recently cast in the new Lebron James-produced comedy from Starz.

    But in addition to being an incredibly talented rising star, you need to know that Teyonah Parris ABSOLUTELY SLAYS every single red carpet she is on.

    I mean, let's just look at this closeup of her hair at the Mad Men premiere.

    At last year's premiere, she absolutely killed it with this lovely up-do:

    You can't even capture all of this glorious hair in one photo, you have to get all the angles.

    And don't sleep on the dress itself.


    She also rocks the full-out afro.

    Here she is talking to her Mad Men co-star Jessica Paré in a very cute, slicked-back puff.

    She stopped by the Breaking Bad finale in this gorgeous two-piece.

    And this gorgeous, intricate up-do.

    She blew everyone away at the SAG Awards with this incredible fauxhawk .


    "Oh hey y'all, just thought I would show up and SHUT IT DOWN."

    She switched it up with the side-part at the 42 premiere.

    And here she is rocking the full, glorious blowout.

    She looks lovely in this cute, teased chignon.

    Basically, there is not a single picture where she doesn't look like a radiant goddess.

    And don't sleep on her lipstick game either!

    While she was at Sundance, she rocked a more casual braided look.

    And, of course, she manages to effortlessly turn a casual look into a glamorous photo shoot.

    Ooooh kill 'em!

    You can see more of her awesome looks on Instagram, where she posts about her natural hair styles.

    And all her stunning outfits.

    And even more on Twitter.

    Best i have! :-) RT @BloodyRevelry: @TeyonahParris do you have any close ups of your hair from the E!News Interview?

    Teyonah Parris@TeyonahParris

    Best i have! :-) RT @BloodyRevelry: @TeyonahParris do you have any close ups of your hair from the E!News Interview?

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