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    27 Times You Got Schooled By The Science Side Of Tumblr

    Let the science side of Tumblr teach you a thing.

    1. On shape memory:

    2. On the things slowly killing us:

    3. On the science behind this bubble:

    4. On the important lessons from chemistry:

    5. On penis science:

    6. On the beauty of this transformation:

    7. On the science behind our attractions:

    8. On Swagperation:

    9. On dog science:

    10. On tree emotions:

    11. On dad scientists:

    12. On magical eggs:

    13. On the unanswered questions of life:

    14. On the life of a comic book scientist:

    15. On faulty humor:

    16. On Newton's first law:

    17. On the inexplicable:

    18. On Bill Nye's name:

    19. On molecules:

    20. On Glamasaurus:

    21. On goosebumps:

    22. On the science behind the heat in the bedroom:

    23. On license plate science:

    24. On sexy scientists:

    25. On the important milestones of a young lab equipment's life:

    26. On useful reminders from the animal kingdom:

    27. And this important behind-the-scenes look at the Science Side of Tumblr: