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27 Reasons Literary Nerds Will Love Tumblr

Book lovers and Tumblr were basically made for each other.

1. Because there's something for everyone, even the bros among us.

2. Because sometimes Tumblr just gets your mood.

3. Because puns.

4. And lovely new/old slang.

5. Because book lovers just wanna love.

6. Because you need this Yorick in your life.

7. Because this new flirting method needs to become a cultural norm.

8. Because Shakespeare.

9. And Drakespeare.

10. And Gucci Manespeare.

11. Because sometimes you wanna reminisce about books that were meaningful to you.

12. Because this is the only dating advice you need.

13. Because sometimes you just have to shout with someone about the awesomeness of book fairs.

14. And commiserate about the anguish of book borrowing.

15. Because we all need a community to mourn with.

16. And rant about adaptations with.

17. Because someone needs to call out these tropes.

18. And call out these conventions.

19. Seriously, ALL of these tropes.

20. And the underlying anxieties of your favorite genres.

21. Because sometimes you need to take a moment of silence for you and your teachers.

22. On occasion, an author might even respond to your post. And by "an author" I mean probably John Green.

23. As with Tumblr in general, fandoms are huge.

24. Important questions are finally answered.

25. You might not even look at books the same way again.

26. Sometimes linguistics Tumblr jumps into the fray and things get a little meta.

27. Basically, everyone's a literary critic on Tumblr.