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    15 Reasons Kids Are The Best Thing About Vine

    Previously, some on BuzzFeed have argued that Vines make for good birth control. THEY ARE WRONG BABIES ARE THE BEST THING ABOUT VINE OK COOL THANKS BYE.

    1. Because we get to watch this little guy drop it.

    2. Because doing this to babies never gets old.

    3. Because of this little cutie who is Trey Songz in training.

    4. Because OMFG just look at this baby dancing!

    5. Because of this side-eyeing toddler.

    6. Because of whatever is happening here.

    7. Because of this baby, who is the most adorable bully in the world.

    8. Because of this little girl trolling this reporter.

    9. No but seriously, because babies are the best trolls.

    10. Because this is the best way to introduce babies to the world.

    11. Because everyone needs some father-son booty poppin' in their lives.

    12. Because of cousin Terio, who some have even suggested is "saving Vine".

    13. Because of this little guy who appears to have on every seatbelt in the car.

    14. Because of this heart melting reunion

    15. And they know we're watching!