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One Artist Combines Charming Collages With Random Acts Of Kindness

Inspired by PostSecret, Collage For The People creates inspiring collages that are anonymously dropped off on peoples cars with the hope of spreading positivity.

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The project is simple: the artist makes collages and anonymously drops them off on cars around the DC area.

The artist also takes requests for artwork and mails them to the requester so that they can also spread the artwork in their area. Why? "I'm really hoping to just spread something positive"

The artist, who likes to remain anonymous, gave an interview explaining the motivation behind the project:

I'm not quite sure exactly what inspired me to take on this task. I am an avid reader of Post Secret, which has the potential to make followers of the project both laugh and cry. However, mostly, I admire the comradery people develop when reading other's secrets that touch them personally. Also, as someone who has an anxiety disorder, I truly know how great the power of a simple compliment or piece of advice can be. Humans are fragile, but we are all equal and deserve the same amounts of respect and love. Hopefully this project will spread some of that around.


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