Danity Kane’s New Song “Lemonade” Will Give You Life

They’re baaaaaack!!!

1. Last night, girl group Danity Kane released their first official single since announcing their reunion at the MTV VMAs last year.

3. And damn, the song slays:

4. With rapper Tyga hopping on a verse, the track calls out and undermines all ~the haters~:

“Ooooohhhhh, they lookin’ so thirsty/
They might just need a drink/
Lemonade lemonade”

6. Even though they’re currently operating without one of their original members, the girls are aiming for a comeback.

Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage

“We’re baaaack!” the group collectively told MTV. But, without the backing of Diddy, they announced they are doing this all “on their own this time.”

7. The cover for the single features adorable pint-sized versions of the girls, but oddly enough, there are only three of them…

8. This set off wild speculations from fans that Aundrea Fimbres, isn’t even on the song.

Is she even in the song? RT @AMilli0NliGHTS_: So Danity Kane is just not gonna address why Drea isn’t on the single cover?

— Alexandria (@DaygloReflect)

Loving the new Danity Kane single, but confused about Drea, she is legit not anywhere to be heard on the song...

— M∆XX!E (@GhostTalks_)

10. While nothing has been confirmed, Fimbres is pictured on the official poster for Danity Kane’s upcoming tour, #DKNoFilter.

11. Whatever the case, this track might just be the song of the summer.


MTV confirms Aundrea “was there” to record “Lemonade.”

“The fans love to speculate. Aundrea was there,” Soaky, a co-writer on the song, said. “They were all there.”

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