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Meet The Middle School Metal Band From Flatbush, Brooklyn

They are way cooler than you'll ever be, basically.

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They were interviewed by the digital magazine, The Avant/Garde Diaries and it is the most adorable, metal thing ever.

Malcolm also talked about writing songs based on how people reacted to the fact the he wears nail polish.

"Since I wear nail polish, which is not normal for most boys to wear...not that I get bullied but people bother me about it. At times it offends me, at times it doesn't so I just write songs about it."


And they were recently asked to perform on Totally Biased With Kamau Bell.

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The boys also talked about one of their favorite bands, Living Color, so Kamau brought along ex-band member and current writer for his show, Vernon Reid.

This is him giving the boys a lesson on how to respond when someone invites them to play on their show. The lesson was basically, "Can you not be so damn cool?"

h/t: AfroPunk.