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19 Reasons Manny From "Modern Family" Should Be Your Role Model

If only you were this cool at 13.

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1. He is wise beyond his years.

2. He is an adorably shrewd thinker.

3. He articulates the existential burdens we all carry.

Yup, a regular Sartre over here.

4. He gives the best dance lessons.

5. He understands the glory that is Mary Poppins.

6. He's never afraid to let you know how he feels.

7. He is the most charming 13-year-old you will ever meet.

No, seriously.

8. He calls the world out on its bullshit.

9. He has perfected the stank face.

10. He knows how to have a good time.

11. He is a learned man.

12. He has a bright future ahead of him.

13. He knows how to win over an audience.

14. He is already planning for his future.

15. He is the kind of athlete we should all aspire to.

16. He is an exquisite tea connoisseur.

17. And he knows how to throw shade with the best of them.

(via Tumblr)

18. But most of all, it's his earnest and unapologetically weird self that you can't help but love.

19. We can all learn a thing or two from Manny.

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