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Let's All Just Take A Few Moments To Appreciate Michael B. Jordan

Ten out of ten doctors agree this is guaranteed to make your day a little bit better.

Michael B. Jordan has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz for his powerful portrayal of Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station.

But this won't surprise you if you've followed any part of his career.

In everything from his critically acclaimed role as Wallace on The Wire to smaller stints on the beloved Parenthood, Jordan has proved he's someone to watch.

So yeah, he's a pretty great actor. But you already knew that. LET'S FOCUS ON A FEW OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS.

Just look at him smiling.

Look at him squinting and looking all sultry and stuff.

And look at him from the side. Pretty great profile, AMIRITE?

Look at him winking and doing the "Ayoooo" finger thing.

Look at him making silly faces.

No idea what's happening here but how much would you give to be that woman right now?


Here he is sitting poolside with a Styrofoam cup.

And here are some more gratuitous images of him by a body of water.

He also cleans up pretty nicely.

He's killing the sweater game.

Here he is looking dapper with an adorable bulldog for Uptown Magazine.

And, um, have you seen him in GQ?

He casually hangs out with some other cuties so I would definitely say his Instagram is worth a follow.

He also takes adorable selfies with his mom.

Actually, yeah, just great selfie game in general.

He should become a photographer, you know? His understanding of angles and composition is superb.

And, of course, on top of all this, he's also a really sweet boyfriend with great reflexes (OMG what if he's like Spiderman or something, guysss?!).

Via: Tumblr

Also, here are some very important GIFs of him licking his lips.

You're welcome.

Have a good day.