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Is This The Name Of A Real Jason Bateman Character Or A White Dude's Name I Just Made Up?

It appears Hollywood is intent on having Jason Bateman play the middle-aged white dude with a wry sensibility in every possible movie. But will they be able to keep coming up with all these peak white-dude names?!?!

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  1. In 2006's The Ex, Jason Bateman plays a white dude who annoys Zach Braff in the office. What is the real name a real person decided to call this fictional white dude?

    Kenneth Preston
    Chip Sanders
    Willard Romney

    The answer is Chip Sanders. CHIP. SANDERS. Hopefully, you were able to eliminate one of these ;)

  2. In 2014's The Longest Week, Jason Bateman plays a sad white dude whose parents get divorced. Then he falls in love with the girl his friend is dating. Pray tell, dear quiz taker, what did they name this white man?

    YRF Entertainment
    Conrad Valmont
    Duncan Lewis
    Brooks Buffington

    The correct answer is Conrad Valmont. Fun fact: Brooks Buffington is a real human who exists and is the co-founder of the app Yik-Yak. The comedy writes itself, y'all.

  3. In 2013's Bad Words, Jason Bateman plays your typical 40-year-old white-dude misanthrope. Hijacks ensue and he wins a spelling bee. What is the real name of this fictional character?

    Darko Entertainment
    Anders Holm
    Guy Trilby
    Bigsby Summers

    Did you know they name guys GUY?!?! I did not. Also, Anders Holm is a real human who exists and is funny. Shoutout to Anders.

  4. In 2010's The Switch, Jason Bateman drunkenly switches Jennifer Anniston's sperm donor sample and gets her pregnant. What is the name of this white dude?

    Mandate Pictures
    Declan Newman
    Archie Collins
    Wally Mars

    Oh, Wally.

  5. In 2012's Disconnect, Jason Bateman plays a lawyer dude with feelings and thoughts and stuff. What is this white dude's name?

    LD Entertainment
    Kai Ryssdal
    Rich Boyd
    Bob Loblaw

    If you've seen Arrested Development or listened to Marketplace, you should be able to eliminate at least one of these! (If you haven't, what're you doing with your life??)

  6. In 2014's This Is Where I Leave You, Jason Bateman finds out his wife is having an affair and that his father has died. What is the real name they chose for said dude?

    Spring Creek Productions
    Connor Madison
    Garret Russel
    Judd Altam

    The right answer is Judd Altam, perhaps the most reasonable name in this entire quiz.

  7. In 2013's Identity Thief, Jason Bateman plays a dude who has his identity stolen. What is the name of this down-on-his-luck white guy?

    Relativity Media
    Blake Haverty
    Sandy Patterson
    Rand Paul

    Bless your heart, Sandy.

  8. In 2009's Up in the Air, Jason Bateman plays George Clooney's boss. What does George Clooney call his fellow middle-aged white man?

    DW Studios
    Craig Gregory
    Declan Dustin
    Garth Garret

    The correct answer is Craig Gregory aka Bland McBlanderson aka Who McWho.

Is This The Name Of A Real Jason Bateman Character Or A White Dude's Name I Just Made Up?

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