14 Incredibly Dark Takes On Pac-Man

Who knew Pac-Man was secretly an existential treatise?

1. Pac-Man as a metaphor for life.

2. Pac-Man as a live action horror movie.

4. This theory about the hidden meaning behind Pac-Man and Pong.

5. Pac-Man as a sci-fi thriller.

6. This reflection on the pointlessness of it all.

7. This comic titled “How It Really Happened: Pac-Man”

Art by Steve Napierski for Dueling Dialogs.

8. This terrifying artistic rendering from the ghost’s perspective.

Art by Redditor senor_catfort.

10. This reflection on death.

Made by Jaime Margary. Watch the artist’s process here.

12. This reading of these Pac-Man shaped oil tanks.

13. This reading of Pac-Man as a Kafka-esque Lovecraft story.

Art by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

14. And perhaps the most terrifying? Baby Christian Bale in this Pac-Man Cereal ad from the ’80s.

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