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    32 Important Pieces Of Hip-Hop Paraphernalia You Can Buy On Etsy

    What a beautiful time to be alive.

    1. These off-brand Drake Uggs.

    2. This "Hip-Hop Seashell" called "Good Vibes".

    3. This bedazzled ode to T.I.

    4. This Wu-Tang gnome.

    5. This Rick Ross doll.

    6. This YOLO decal that looks great next to your TV and slick furniture.

    7. This important political statement.

    8. This Biggie pillow.

    9. This Tupac light switch cover.

    10. This shirt featuring Drake's beautifully pursed lips, a fedora, and your dad's favorite tie pattern.

    11. This defiant Juicy J inspired sweatshirt.

    12. This spray painted vinyl paying tribute to a pre-haircut, shirtless Trey Songz.

    13. This Nicki Minaj denim vest.

    14. This "No New Friends" inspired rage comic iPhone case.

    15. This pair of earrings featuring 2 Chainz holding your grandmother's house phone while wearing sunglasses indoors.

    16. This Slim Shady baby t-shirt that comes with built in tattoo sleeves.

    17. This felt Kanye West puppet.

    18. This downloadable 2 Chainz certificate.

    19. This Dr. Dre inspired Hanukah card.

    20. This Snoop and Urkel graffiti mash-up.

    21. This Yeezus poster.

    22. This Wu-Tang and Hello Kitty onesie.

    23. This tweet heard 'round the world t-shirt.

    24. This adorable dish towel.

    25. This Tyler, The Creator ring.

    26. This mustached Jay-Z print.

    27. This very necessary A$AP Rocky embroidered patch.

    28. This trendy denim shirt with a photo of Tupac on the back.

    29. This Snoop Dogg pillow set.

    30. These baby overalls.

    31. This macabre dead rapper nail set.

    32. And this epicly glittered MC Hammer YO! MTV Raps trading card.