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    22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Being Gay

    Tumblr be knowing.

    1. "No homo" is a very disappointing thing to hear, for several reasons.

    2. Straight people are the devil.

    3. There are "stepping stones" to homosexuality.

    4. It is actually impossible for straight boys to shut up.

    5. Heterosexual awareness is too real.

    6. Straight people are actually just a ball of anxiety.

    7. God is probably gay.

    8. Gaydar is real, kinda.

    9. Lesbian haircuts are real.

    10. If an ally says this magical phrase, angels will descend from heaven to praise them.

    11. Straight people need to stop worrying about who pays for the date.

    12. The Certificate of Heterosexuality is strictly enforced.

    13. Flirting with girls is hard.

    14. Birth Certificate literalists gotta chill.

    15. Hypocrisy is everywhere.

    16. Sometimes you just want to be seen.

    (and other things....)

    17. There are plenty of questions you can ask trans people.

    18. Spaghetti is part of the gay agenda.

    19. Sometimes you just have to grasp at all the pop culture you can grab.

    (Because sometimes this is the best you'll get).

    20. Spotting another queer person in an unfamiliar environment is magical.

    21. Lesbians in locker rooms are definitely thinking this.

    22. And there is actually one moment in gay history when Macklemore's story is relevant.