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21 Times Tumblr Understood Your Imaginary Relationship With Drake

Our love is real, dammit!

1. You can totally see yourself coming home with him.

2. You have t-shirts commemorating your relationship.

3. You may or may not have had a Drake-themed party.

4. Drake has started to affect your work.

5. This is basically you:

6. You just know he would make a great boyfriend.

7. You've definitely imagined a life together.

8. And you've imagined his smell...

9. ...and other things.

10. OMG, acquire some chill, Tumblr!

11. You've started to see him everywhere.

12. Seriously, everywhere!

13. You keep up with every piece of drama in his life.

14. You wanna fall asleep in his t-shirts.

15. This is your idea of heaven.

16. You have no idea what you would do if you actually saw Drake.

17. You have strong urges to do this at any given Drake show:

18. It's hard to even remember there are other Drakes.

19. You will not tolerate any Drake slander in your life.

20. Even if it's from your mom. Especially if it's from your mom, dammit!

21. And at the end of the day, you know nothing can come between you and your Champagne Papi.