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25 Hilarious Little Gems From Yik Yak

The new messaging app is blowing up among college students and investors. Like most anonymous messaging spaces, it can be a cesspool of garbage; Other times, it produces these gems.

1. This study tip:

2. This daunting realization:

3. This mix of emotions:

4. This awkward CVS convo:

5. This fantasy:

6. This winter jingle:

7. This epiphany:

8. This depressing summary of life:

9. This Halloween costume idea:

10. And this one:

11. This summary of college mornings:

12. This stoner struggle:

13. This person with zero chill:

14. This poop realization:

15. This trench coat interaction:

16. This absurdity:

17. This roommate torture:

18. This college version of "Remember The Name":

19. This struggle:

20. This horrible drunk friend:

21. This description of college:

22. This motto:

23. This revenge:

24. This wedding strategy:

25. And this meditation on adulthood: