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Posted on Nov 24, 2014

25 Hilarious Little Gems From Yik Yak

The new messaging app is blowing up among college students and investors. Like most anonymous messaging spaces, it can be a cesspool of garbage; Other times, it produces these gems.

1. This study tip:

2. This daunting realization:

3. This mix of emotions:

4. This awkward CVS convo:

5. This fantasy:

6. This winter jingle:

7. This epiphany:

8. This depressing summary of life:

9. This Halloween costume idea:

10. And this one:

11. This summary of college mornings:

12. This stoner struggle:

13. This person with zero chill:

14. This poop realization:

15. This trench coat interaction:

16. This absurdity:

17. This roommate torture:

18. This college version of "Remember The Name":

19. This struggle:

20. This horrible drunk friend:

21. This description of college:

22. This motto:

23. This revenge:

24. This wedding strategy:

25. And this meditation on adulthood:

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