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Posted on Jul 24, 2014

34 Habesha Memes That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Cringe

Habesha memes are just as corny but lovable as you'd imagine.

1. On Habesha music videos:

2. On your "cousins":

3. On the perfect Habesha girl trap:

4. On the things your parents say when they have guests over:

5. On the ferenge sow who are obsessed with your culture:

And their children who are into "vintage linen":

Wey Gud!! Everybody's wearing 'Vintage 90s linen' now! #HabeshaProblems

R.I.P. Master Jiriya@Get_A_CLUEE

Wey Gud!! Everybody's wearing 'Vintage 90s linen' now! #HabeshaProblems

7:50 PM - 24 Mar 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

(And even Starbucks is getting in on it).

Starbucks trying to get on our level ✋ #habeshaproblems #HabeshaPride

Foxxy Cleopatra@azzy101

Starbucks trying to get on our level ✋ #habeshaproblems #HabeshaPride

4:15 PM - 18 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

6. On dating a fellow Habesha:


7. On the only rolling skills you need:



1:51 PM - 19 Jul 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

8. On Facebook friend requests:

9. On trying to use your fridge:

10. On Christmas morning:

11. And your parents on Halloween:

12. On the Eskista challenged:

Mennen Tefferi@_BreezyLove_

Ethiopian problems ... 😂😂

3:03 AM - 27 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

13. On the sacred jebena:

14. On packing for a visit home:

15. On the dread upon realizing you left your door open:

16. On your dad's response to American gestures of love:

17. On your aunty's ability to spot *any* weight gain/loss:

18. On the iconic Beyoncé performance from the Millenium Celebration that people are STILL talking about:

19. On the aunties who get all their info from doctors on daytime television:

20. On names:

21. On vegetarians:

22. On compliments:

23. On your house, anytime there's a party:

24. On the primary job of Habesha moms:

25. On the awkward tensions between Ethiopian parents and black americans:

26. On "family trees":

27. On accepting money from your aunty:

28. On texting Habesha girls:

29. On greetings:

30. On the power of the gursha:

31. On your average barbecue:

32. On the embarrassment of catching one of your cousins trying to pull this:

33. On the face you see before you make questionable decisions:

any time i'm about to make a questionable life choice all i see in my head is

Hannah G.@ethiopiennesays

any time i'm about to make a questionable life choice all i see in my head is

4:44 PM - 18 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

34. And the awkward moment when your parents catch wind of any memes:

Shout out to the Instagram sexy_habesha_people.

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