Go Home, Face Recognition Software, You’re Drunk

Face recognition software is basically the drunk, kind of racist uncle of the tech family.

1. Face recognition software sometimes gets things right. And it’s pretty cool.

2. But most of the time it’s just plain rude!

3. Whut, no. This is definitely not Oprah!

4. OMG eyes up here, Facebook.

5. Seriously, iPhoto?!

6. You too, Nikon?!

7. That is the floor, not someone’s face!

8. This is awk, iPhoto. That is Jesus…

10. Chris Maloney is not an eggplant, Google!

11. Again, no. This is just a blurry pic of Andrew Garfield.

12. No, Picasa, that is a couch. There are some real life human faces a little to the left.

13. I don’t even know what that is…

14. Ok, this is actually pretty observant.

15. I see what you were going for…but still, no.

16. This is just awk…

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