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    Erykah Badu's Vines Are As Weird And Delightful As You Would Expect

    She raps. She levitates. She makes adorable stop action movies. Yup, sounds about right.

    She beatboxes.

    She stars in home-made karate movies.

    She levitates.

    She answers questions like, "What happened to the old Erykah Badu?"

    She offers sage relationship advice like, "How to make your friends hate your new boyfriend."

    She tells corny middle school jokes.

    She sings Kendrick Lamar at the most opportune times.

    She makes some funky, experimental sounds out of everyday delirium.

    "#Delirium #restlessness #woke #creatinganexperience #prayer"

    She brings sculptures to life.

    And has some fun with stop-motion.

    She will give you some real lessons in American history.

    She makes these delightful little short movies with her daughter.

    "Fly girl"

    And of course she enjoys the Goat remix of Drake's "Started From The Bottom" because Goat remixes will never get old.



    they sleep. We vine.