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19 Creative Ways People Have Satirized Anti-Gay Arguments

Artists, filmmakers, Tumblr users and all around awesome folks are flipping the logic of homophobic arguments in hilarious and powerful ways.

1. That time someone made Rick Santorum's face out of gay porn.

2. This tumblr user having some fun with the assumption that all gay people look the same.

3. And that all gay people act the same.

4. This humorous take on the "Homosexuality is an abomination" argument.

5. That time someone called out this hypocrisy:

6. This tricky Missouri pastor (watch until the end!)

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7. This person who went for the Adam and weave joke.

8. This person who makes an excellent point:

9. This person who has dated blondes and brunettes before and just really needs to pick a side already. Ugh, she's probably only doing it for attention.

10. That time George Takei offered this suggestion in order to combat Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" bill

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11. This straight ally who is the number one activist of all time!!

12. This powerful reversal: / Via

From the short film Love Is All You Need? produced by WingSpan Pictures.

13. This touching short film about the crowdsourcing of rights.

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14. This important rallying call for straight pride parades. And soup kitchens for the rich.

15. This person who got an exclusive interview with God.

16. This important observation from ya boy Bill Nye

17. This person who is totes not heterophobic, just kind of doesn't wanna see that stuff, you know?

18. That awkward moment when this happened:

19. These 12 very sound arguments against gay marriage.

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