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The Best Of The Internet's Response To Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj's "Flawless" Remix

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj dropped the "Flawless" remix Saturday night and all of our collective wigs were snatched.

1. This person who left their date to be on the right side of history.

2. The glory of Beyoncé and Nicki snatching all of our collective wigs.

3. The simple flawlessness of their single art.

4. This 100% accurate assessment of Beyoncé's concerns.

5. The nerve of it all.

6. The greatness we are about to witness this year.

7. The fact that while the remix dropped, Beyoncé was slaying on another medium.

8. This baby speaking its first words.

9. The shade of it all.

10. And the inspiration in it all.

11. When Nicki spit that MJ line.

12. The incomparable joy of being a Beyoncé fan.

13. The moment when Beyoncé made us all collectively gasp.

14. The Blue Ivy Carter reaction.

15. This important question for Obama.

16. The healing powers of this remix.

17. And the cleansing powers.

18. The plotting behind the silence.

19. The way Beyoncé and Nicki just sum up your whole existence.

20. This desperate plea to please take our money.

21. The pettiness of Azealia Banks' response.

22. And the selection of priorities it has inspired.

23. The absolute thrill of this moment.

24. And the sexualities it's inspired.