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    Another Round - Episode 2: You Know White People

    On this episode we discuss origin stories, white people telling white people jokes, and play a few rounds of drunken debates. Subscribe on iTunes!

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    Drake is having a bit of a problem with this because he was under the impression that new episodes of Another Round only go up on a specific day.

    But Drake is just gonna have to get over it because we were SO excited that the first episode went so well that we couldn't wait a whole week to give you the next one.

    Sorry, Drake. Stay strong.

    So here's Episode 2! This time we chop it up with the insightful Jazmine Hughes of The Hairpin. Her talents include being smart, making people laugh, and somehow turning her neck around this far.

    Heben Nigatu

    We were definitely not really drunk when we took this picture.

    We talk with Jazmine about her hilarious and too-true piece "How Many White People Does It Take To Ruin A Good Joke," which ran in The New Republic.

    Take notes! There will be a quiz later!

    Later, Jazmine referees what we hope will be a wildly successful segment called "Drunken Debates," which is exactly what it sounds like.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    We got drunk and debated random and ridiculous things that make little to no sense at all.

    (And if you doubt that there was actual liquor in those glasses, here's the full GIF.)

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    Here are seven random things you can look forward to hearing in this episode:

    1. "To answer [Louis C.K's] question, the thing you can call white people that will really, really hurt them...we all know, let's say it together: racist!"

    2. "What if FUBU had a publishing company?!"

    3. "Jazz Loon is an album you can only find on Amazon and garage sales in white people towns that is, like, really bad elevator Kenny G jazz interspersed with bird calls."

    4. “White people be like, ‘I’m not just white, I’m: 22% Irish, 18% German, 28% Italian, 30% French, 2% Milk.’”

    5. "We have to support the teens! We were all angsty once!"

    6. "This is some straight-up caterpillar-to-butterfly shit. We have an incredible food amongst us."

    7. "Popcorn is cool, however, squirrels are all about this whole business of keeping the Earth together."

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    This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter!), Poddington Bear, and Jazz Loon.

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