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28 Exasperating Afro Problems

Um, please stop petting me.

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1. No one knows how to do your hair.

2. You get charged extra at the salon because your hair just LOOKS hard to do.

3. R.I.P. to all the combs who have fought the good fight throughout history.

4. There's the eternal shrinkage problem.

5. Straightening your hair is always fun.

And you're terrified that when you try to go back, your hair won't curl up like normal.

6. Also, good luck getting all of this into any hat.

7. The back of your hair basically turns into a scraggily version of a high-top fade when you rest your head on any surface.

Twitter: @BleacherReport

Driving is fun. So are couches. And sleeping. And everything.

8. This is what happens every time you try a new hairstyle:

9. You still don't really know the best method for drying your hair.

Towel? T-shirt? Diffuser?

10. Hugging people when your hair is still drying is also fun.

11. Sometimes your hair is so ridiculously tangled that you have to listen to DMX's "Party Up" to psych yourself up to get in the shower and have at it.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

12. You end up with sore arms and a season and a half into Arrested Development because it takes so long to put your hair in braids or twists.

13. You can't just walk into any store and expect to find hair products that work for you.

But when you do finally manage to find a place with your products, they're on sale for the low, low price of $20 per dollop. Basically.

14. You have to decipher all these charts to figure out what hair "type" you have.

15. People apparently think it's an "uncivilized" or unprofessional look...

Nivea took this ad down and posted an apology on Facebook after people expressed criticism.

16. TSA thinks you're hiding weapons of mass destruction in your hair.

This is Jorge Rivas' artistic rendering of Solange's tweets.

17. And people in general just feel comfortable asking you all kinds of cray questions.

18. "Do you wash your hair?"

You're asking if I, a grown-ass human, ever wash my hair?

19. "Are you mixed with something?"

20. "You ain't shit." — The Weather

21. "When are you going to do something with that hair?" is the No. 1 mom/auntie question.

Can I live, Mom?! CAN I LIVE?

22. Relatedly, getting the side-eye from old folks.

23. You're running out of ways to politely tell people to not pet you...

A T-shirt?

Some sarcasm?

The Raven Simone?

There are also the people who ask to touch your hair as they are already reaching and touching your hair.


WHUT. WHY?? What would move you to just put your fingers into someone's head. Just...I can't?

25. Then those randos have the nerve to GET OFFENDED because you didn't respond well to them touching your hair.

26. People also like to play this fun game called "let's stick things in her hair until she notices."

27. But the No. 1 eternal struggle of the Afro clanned is that no matter how cool you think you look, there are a million babies out there just casually stylin' on you!

Check out all the stylish babies at the Tumblr blog Mini Naturals.

28. At the end of the day, though, despite all these strugz, Sesame Street perfectly sums up how you feel.

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