25 Suggestions For How To Improve Tumblr From Tumblr Users

Listen up, Yahoo.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on at Tumblr…

Is this satire or a real life tumblr change?

Ok, it’s satire. But admit it, you had to think about it.

And this news about Yahoo acquiring Tumblr has everyone nervous

But there are some things Yahoo can do to improve Tumblr if they take some time to listen to the community.

2. A re-evaluation of what’s actually used might be useful.

3. Fix whatever is going on with audio.

4. A post-limit warning would be cool.

5. A BETTER SEARCH FUNCTION. Plus some Febreeze.

6. A way to get back to where you last were on your dash.

“Infinite scroll + page number.

I often find myself scrolling when all of a sudden I accidentally hit refresh or my browser freezes (with all those posts to reblog in hundreds of tabs). It’d be nice to hit backspace (or the back button) and land on the page I was last on (starting at that page again).”

7. A serious look at the block feature.

8. Themes you can actually navigate might be nice.

10. A way to avoid NSFW things popping up on your dash at the least opportune times.

“Truly safe mode when using Tumblr dashboard. Don’t miss out on all the NSFW blogs’ posts. Customize what time you want safe mode to be enabled.”

11. Letting people know about random features that already exist.

12. A messaging system where you can actually see what you sent someone.

13. Relatedly, being able to search by media

14. Improving the creepy faux smile thing Tumblr does as they deliver bad news…

Seriously, Tumblr. It’s “incredibly” creepy.

15. A way to order your followers.

16. An “Omni post” - Create photo/video/audio posts with titles all in one tool rather than 7 different tools.

17. Create photosets using URLs as well as uploads.

18. Pause/resume your entire queue with one click.

19. Sharing to specific audiences.

“Exclusivity. Make posts for everyone, your followers, people you follow, both or just yourself.”

20. In addition to all these very important things, an “I feel your pain” button would be awesome.

21. Unnecessary letters should be looked at.

22. Tumblr should also be more vigilant about the hate that’s in the Doritos tag

23. A reconfiguration of the QWERTY keyboard for optimized derping.

24. Tumblr not passive aggressively dismissing you even though all you do is love it.

25. And most importantly: an optimal selfie posting time detector.

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