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17 People Who Ran Into Their Doppelgängers

Is this The Matrix??

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1. This guy who ran into his doppelganger on the subway.

2. This woman who had her look upstaged by a paper cup.

3. And this guy who was upstaged by this chair.

4. This man who is secretly a pirate.

5. This guy who found his long lost twin.

6. And this guy who is probably their long lost triplet.

7. This man, who may or may not be caught in the matrix.

8. This sea of white girls.

9. This guy who found his doppelgänger at the doctor's office.

10. The one human in the world who can answer Katy Perry's question "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" with a resounding yes.

11. These subway mates.

12. This guy rocking textbook cover-chic.

13. This kitty who has a LOT of questions.

14. And this pug who also has a few questions.

15. This guy who worked at the Ambassador East Hotel and looks more like Richard Pryor than Richard Pryor.

16. This eggplant!

17. And this real life emoji.

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