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    15 Random Facts That Will Help You Survive Small Talk

    The Tumblr Fill The Silence is full of "true facts for when you find yourself in the middle of an awkward pause."

    1. On hearing your own voice:

    2. On Steve Jobs and Andy Warhol meeting:

    3. On Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize:

    4. On ZIP codes:

    5. On T.S. Elliot and Groucho Marx:

    6. On The Oregon Trail:

    7. On Stanley Kubrick's favorite movies:

    8. On beard taxes in Russia:

    9. On nail growth:

    10. On hidden messages from the Beastie Boys:

    11. On the organization of the U.S. highway system:

    12. On karaoke:

    13. On the first Ferris wheel:

    14. On coffee drinkers around the world:

    15. On Q-tips: