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    14 Cats Trying To Answer Unanswerable Questions

    Some things are just really hard to describe.

    1. What does water taste like?

    2. What does air feel like?

    3. What actually happens in your dreams?

    4. What does the inside of your nose smell like?

    5. What does salt taste like?

    6. Can you cry underwater?

    7. What does silence sound like?

    8. What does room temperature feel like?

    9. How do you describe a texture without using the word?

    10. How do you explain the difference between left and right?

    11. How do you explain the word "the"?

    12. How do you describe a color without using the color?

    13. How do you explain the concept of infinity?

    14. And when you scroll past a gif, does it still move?

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