The Disney Pixar Alphabet

All things Pixar from A to Z !

1. A is for A Bug’s Life

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since we met Flik and his ant colony?!

2. B is for Brave

Pixar’s first officially inducted Disney Princess is Merida!

3. C is for Cars

I don’t think anyone has been more perfectly cast than Larry the Cable Guy as Mater.

4. D is for “Down to Earth”

This song from the credits of Wall-E by Peter Gabriel is incredible. You need to see how beautifully done the credits to this movie is!

5. E is for Eve

The object of Wall-E’s affection, “Eeee-vah.”

6. F is for For the Birds

I dare you not to laugh watching this adorable Pixar short.

7. G is for Geri’s Game

Geri: the most adorable animated old man on the planet.

8. H is for Hamm

Hamm is one of the most loveable, underated members of the Toy Story crew. It never fails to make me smile when he’s referred to as “Evil Dr. Porkchop.”

9. I is for The Incredibles

This action packed film stole our hearts in 2004, and made us all wish we had cool super powers.

10. J is for John Lasseter

The one. The only. The man with a hand in every Pixar film and more. Worship him.

11. K is for Knick Knack

Another adorable Pixar short, Knick Knack debuted in 1989 and was inspired by Lasseter’s own snow globe collection!

12. L is for Luxo Jr.

You all know little Luxo! He appears before nearly every Pixar film. Isn’t he the cutest lamp you’ve ever seen?

13. M is for Monsters Inc

And of course Monsters University! Pixar introduced us to the monsters in our closet and showed us that we don’t need to be afraid of them.

14. N is for Nemo

You know? The little guy that

15. O is for “Our Town”

This lovely song was written for the movie Cars by Paul Newman and is performed by James Taylor. It won a a Grammy! It was also used as an anthem for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, pretty powerful stuff Pixar!

16. P is for Partly Cloudy

This Pixar short film will make you want to climb into the sky and cuddle with the clouds. This is probably the way we should explain child birth from now on…

17. Q is for Queen Ant

This quaint elderly Queen is the ruler of the colony in A Bug’s Life until she yields the crown to her daughter. She’s fabulous.

18. R is for Ratatouille

In 2007, Pixar brought us the lovable mouse/chef we know as Remy. Ratatouille is a wonderful story about a friendship and following your passion. What’s not to love?

19. S is for Short films

…Pixar short films that is! These little clips will blow your mind. Totally worth purchasing both collections!

20. T is for Toy Story

To infinity and beyond! Whether you’re a fan of the original film or the second or third renditions, chances are there’s a special place in your heart for that gang of toys.

21. U is for Up

This movie probably tells Disney’s greatest love story in the matter of 10 minutes. If you don’t cry during Up I will absolutely judge you.

22. V is for Violet

Everyone’s favorite overemotional teenager; Violet from The Incredibles!

23. W is for Wall-E

Wall-E is a loving little robot who basically helps to revitalize the entire planet. No biggie.

24. X is for XR

XR is the first official robot ranger in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He kind of looks like a noodle, but that’s cool.

25. Y is for “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

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When you think of the Toy Story trilogy, you must think of this song! Thanks to you Randy Newman for this touching song about friendship.

26. Z is for Zurg

Presenting Buzz Lightyear’s greatest enemy: the evil Emperor Zurg!

27. Now you’re all up to date on everything Pixar!

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