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It's True: Cats Have Been In The Media Forever!

Who doesn't love an adorable meme, GIF, or playful video filled with cats? Well, we now know that our feline friends have been a focus in the media since of the first motion pictures! Here's proof:

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In 1894, Thomas Edison created one of the first motion pictures. It featured none other than boxing cats! Is it possible Edison was the one who introduced cats in the media?!

Cat fight!

Stop everything! Those cats could be my forefathers!

The only thing better than boxing cats are cats in boxes.

The cat culture lives on!


It is obvious that videos and "motion pictures" of cats will always be a part of our ever changing media filled world. Definitely not something I'll be complaining about anytime soon.

Can you imagine what Buzzfeed would be like without cat videos?! I can't and gladly will never have to! Thank you Thomas Edison!

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