8 Reasons We’re Jealous Of Selena Gomez

On her 21st birthday we wish Selena nothing but the best, but we can’t help that our jealousy for her continues to grow!

1. Taylor Swift is her BFF

Who wouldn’t want to be besties with TSwift (other than her many exes) ? She’s awesome to hangout with and Selena always has someone to sit with at award shows!

2. She Grew Up On Barney With Demi Lovato

What child didn’t watch Barney? While we were watching Selena was on the show!

3. She Had Her Own Disney Channel Show

While Selena has come a long way from her Disney days, we’re not over the fact she got to perform magic and be a wizard. Too cool.

4. The Girl Can Dance

She knows how to bust a move… and we can barely do the cotton-eyed joe.

5. She’s So Charming

Selena Gomez charms the pants off of everyone she talks to. Seriously she’s sweet, sassy, and makes the best talk show guest

6. She’s Hot as HELL!

Damn girl. Look how well she’s aged? Super jealous.

7. Justin Bieber… Obviously

While we’re not in favor of her on again off again relationship status, we can’t help but be a little jealous that she’s got to make out with the Biebs.

8. She’s Got It All

Basically, Selena Gomez has it all. She has her own fashion line, she’s a television and movie star, and 4 albums. How could we not be jealous?

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez!

We’re jealous because Selena is young, fabulous, and gonna live it up with some classy legal drinks tonight. Happy Birthday girl we envy you!

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