5 Men The Royal Baby Should Be Named After

Hop on that Royal Baby train. Which man should the Prince be named after?

1. Justin Bieber

Being a royal implies you’ve got to have swag. Who better to name the baby after than biebs? Baby baby baby ohhhhhh.

2. Rob Stark

Rob Stark was ballsy and wanted to be king (just like this royal prince will eventually be). Come on Kate name this baby in memory of our favorite GoT character.

3. Jay Z

He didn’t have a son of his own, why not name the royal baby HOV?

4. Ryan Gosling

This is the obvious choice right? Long live Prince Ryan!

5. Prince William

How cute would that be!? Prince Junior?

In other words, we’ll all be absorbing our Twitter feeds and livestreaming E! news in hopes that Will & Kate reveal the name of the baby prince sometime soon. Congratulations Royals!

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