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    24 Signs You're More Mature Than You Think

    Wait what? When did this happen?

    1. You have a full time job that you actually enjoy.

    No more long hours for minimum wage!

    2. You have a balanced checkbook.

    And you care about having good credit.

    3. If you don't do laundry, you'll have nothing to wear.

    And you haven't dyed any of your white clothes pink in forever!

    4. And if you don't go to the supermarket, you may starve.

    You probably also have a weekly shopping list you use!

    5. You can cook a meal from scratch.

    Not Easy Mac or Ramen! Real food!

    6. And you try to eat healthy meals.

    Not making 2 a.m. runs to Taco Bell? Your bowels will thank you!

    7. If you don't do the dishes they will never get done.

    May I suggested paper plates?

    8. You follow an exercise routine.

    Can't let that gym membership go to waste!

    9. You pay taxes and understand why you have to pay them.

    Like legitimately. Not for the stupid part-time job you had in high school.

    10. You have to pay for rent.

    11. And cable...

    12. And Internet...

    13. And your cell phone bill.

    So that's where all of the paychecks go...

    14. For the holidays you ask for practical gifts.

    A new frying pan. New tires. Toilet paper.

    15. You're perfectly happy in a long term relationship.

    One night stands and drunk hook ups? Not interested.

    16. Maybe you're even engaged or married!

    That's a real commitment, congrats!

    17. Are you thinking about starting a family?

    Because if you are you're 100% an adult. Unless you're only trying to get on MTV's Teen Mom.

    18. You're not into binge drinking anymore, but you live for a glass of white wine.

    Keeping it classy.

    19. You're interested in politics and can discuss your points of view.

    Not just the scandals, but the actual worldly issues. You even have opinions!

    20. You have a real relationship with your parents.

    You call them to chat and actually share things about your personal life with them. BFFS!

    21. You've had the same support system for years now.

    By this point you know who your real friends are.

    22. You're perfectly content staying in on the weekend.

    Netflix and pizza after a long week? That sounds amazing.

    23. You can afford to treat yourself to vacations.

    That is if you're willing to use your vacation days.

    24. You're genuinely proud of who you are.

    You've accomplished a lot and you're responsible! Go you!

    Basically, you've got it all together!

    Were you nodding along and saying "yes" to yourself while you read this list? Yeah well then you're definitely an adult. Congratulations on being so responsible!

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