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23 Times Taylor Swift Was Right About Life

Prepare to be bombarded with Taylor Swift wisdom!

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1. "It seems like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters." - 22 / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

Because who isn't doing this these days?


6. "Don't you ever grow up, it could stay this simple." - Never Grow Up

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Ugh preach to us TSwift. Growing up is overrated.

8. "Words can break people into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together." / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

Taylor is extremely right about this. Words can make and break you for sure.


11. "So go ahead tell all your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy. That's fine I'll tell mine that you're gay." - Picture to Burn

In truth, there is a point in life where we get a little crazy over our "ex situations." This pretty much sums it up.

12. "We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time." - 22 / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

You couldn't have described our twenties better than that Taylor. Thank you.


13. "All you're ever gonna be is mean." - Mean

You know exactly who she's talking about don't you? The guy the cut you off for no reason, the boss that just fired you, your in-laws. Whoever it is, sometimes you just wanna tell someone they are just plain mean.

15. "If you're lucky enough to be different, don't change to be the same." / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

I'll admit, this is my yearbook quote. Taylor couldn't be more right, right?


17. "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale." - White Horse / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

Because sometimes in life we need a reality check.


23. We can't forget about all her Instagrams of her cat Meredith! / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

Because if there's one thing right about this world, it's cats on the Internet.

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