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19 Ways To Know You're The Child Of A Police Officer

"Over protective" is a bit of an understatement.

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1. You definitely have a childhood photo of you looking cute in a jail cell.

Nothing says happy holidays like a cute picture of your kid in jail right? Mom always had the hand sanitizer ready.

6. There were always 21 questions before you were permitted to leave the house.

"Who are you going out with?

Where are you going?

What time will you be back?

If you're not on time I'm locking you out."

7. And when you finally got to leave, your parent would casually say that they have eyes everywhere.

The scary part always was that you could never be sure if they actually did have eyes everywhere...

11. There were many fashion statements you were not allowed to make.

My NYPD Dad said, "black nail polish is for criminals."

Shorts received a comment such as, "Where are the rest of your clothes?"

16. You were used to your police officer parent working all kinds of random hours and overtime.

They probably had to work a lot of holidays, but they did it to provide for you so you couldn't complain much.

17. You know the importance of gun safety.

You grew up knowing there was a gun in your house, if you had a responsible parent (and I hope you all did) you know the rules about being around a gun. It's part of their job after all!

19. You know the show COPS isn't so realistic.

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But it is extremely entertaining.

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