19 Ways To Know You’re The Child Of A Police Officer

Over protective” is a bit of an understatement.

1. You definitely have a childhood photo of you looking cute in a jail cell.

Nothing says happy holidays like a cute picture of your kid in jail right? Mom always had the hand sanitizer ready.

2. You’ve ridden in a patrol car without worrying about being arrested.

Children of Police Officers have their occasional badass moments, because we can.

3. You’ve also probably ridden a police horse.

And possibly a motorcycle depending on how wild your precinct’s holiday party was.

4. You always thought having a K-9 officer for a pet would be awesome!

They make super protective pets too. Don’t mess with this pup.

5. It’s very likely you were a police officer at least once for Halloween.

Because we all wanted to be brave like our parents!

6. There were always 21 questions before you were permitted to leave the house.

“Who are you going out with?
Where are you going?
What time will you be back?
If you’re not on time I’m locking you out.”

7. And when you finally got to leave, your parent would casually say that they have eyes everywhere.

The scary part always was that you could never be sure if they actually did have eyes everywhere…

8. You were never really nervous when the cops came to break up a party.

You weren’t afraid of them because they looked just like Dad after a long day at work.

9. But you knew there was a real threat of your parent interrogating any potential date you bring home.

It really happens, Grandpa would clean his gun in front of potential suitors.

10. You know where you stand on the policeman vs. fireman debate.

As if you had a choice.

11. There were many fashion statements you were not allowed to make.

My NYPD Dad said, “black nail polish is for criminals.”
Shorts received a comment such as, “Where are the rest of your clothes?”

12. Receiving a PBA card signified that your parent somewhat considered you an adult.

It was kind of a big deal the first time. PBA cards also signify trust, so consider yourself lucky if an officer gives you one!

13. You’ve heard some pretty disturbing things at the dinner table.

Let’s not talk about corpses while we eat, okay?

14. Playing Grand Theft Auto was pretty much frowned upon…

In case you didn’t know GTA isn’t really a pro-police game…

15. You are very aware of the donut loving officer stereotype.

It is a bit concerning that Dad has a “regular” order at Dunkin, but it’s only okay if you comment on it, not anyone else.

16. You were used to your police officer parent working all kinds of random hours and overtime.

They probably had to work a lot of holidays, but they did it to provide for you so you couldn’t complain much.

17. You know the importance of gun safety.

You grew up knowing there was a gun in your house, if you had a responsible parent (and I hope you all did) you know the rules about being around a gun. It’s part of their job after all!

18. And you know exactly what the “police stance” is.

Arms crossed, legs spread slight apart even with the waist. Your parent stands like this when they’re off duty too don’t they?

19. You know the show COPS isn’t so realistic.

But it is extremely entertaining.

20. And finally, although they’re over protective, it’s because they love us.

And we love them right back.

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