18 Signs You Should Be A Contestant On “The Bachelor”

Will you accept this rose?

1. You have an abundance of time.

blog.chron.com / Via ABC

If things go well you could be gone for a number of weeks.

2. You haven’t found “The One.”

So obviously meeting him on reality television is the only answer!

3. Or maybe you’ve been scarred by an ex.

tumblr.net / Via ABC

4. You know exactly how you would handle a limo introduction.

You could give the bachelor a massage, show up in a wedding dress, or have a fake pregnancy. Whatever works.

5. You have an interesting occupation (or lack thereof).

This past season alone had contestants including a former NBA dancer, an opera singer, and a dog lover.

6. You look fabulous in evening wear

It’s like a Miss America pageant once a week on the show.

7. And in a bikini…

Because in 70% of the show you’ll be wearing one.

8. Pretty much, you should already look like a model.

bustle.com / Via ABC

You never know when you’ll have a spontaneous naked photo shoot.

9. You’d like to travel to exotic places.

But you probably can’t afford it on your own.

10. You’re open to making some new girlfriends.

11. But you’re also prepared to get what you came for.

A man with delicious abs, that is.

12. You truly believe you can fall in love in a few weeks.

Or not…

13. You agree that a rose is an obvious token of affection.

14. It would be OK if your boyfriend was dating seven other girls… for now.

Who needs monogamy right?

15. You’re OK with making out in front of video cameras.

Lots of tongue action. Eek.

16. And potentially embarassing yourself in front of America.

A few drinks too many…

17. You are 110% comfortable with crying on television.

This may be the most important deciding factor of signing on to the show.

18. What it really comes down to: You’re desperate for love.

tressugar.com / Via ABC

The truth hurts.

What are you waiting for!?

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Sign up for the next season! You could end up with a fabulous televised wedding!

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