140 Disney Characters Come Together To Create The World’s Best Hashtag

Disney wins for the the most magical hashtag on social media.

1. Presenting the greatest hashtag to ever exist: thank you Disney!

Disney took to Twitter to post a very magical “140 character tweet” (in a very literal sense) to announce this year’s All-Night Extravaganza on Memorial Day Weekend.

2. Take a look at the characters coming together to form this social media magic!

This will serve as the ultimate game of Disney I-spy.

3. Have a closer look with these zoomed in shots:

Mike Wazowski is that you hiding behind the Beast?

7. Zoomed in photos aren’t enough? Here’s a full list of characters in the hashtag!

8. Check out this behind the scenes video from Disney!

Honestly, how clever is this? 140 characters to make the greatest “140 character tweet!” So much Disney love right now.

9. Mind. Freakin. Blown.

Did you find your favorite character yet?

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