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    14 New York City Bookstores You Should Visit Before You Die

    Need an NYC escape? You might as well be surrounded by books!

    1. 192 Books

    2. Greenlight Bookstore

    3. Strand Bookstore

    4. Book Culture

    5. McNally Jackson Books

    Along with an enticing cafe selection, McNally Jackson has an enticing selection of books! They organize their literature by nation, which will probably force you to chat up their friendly staff. Interested? You can find them at 52 Prince Street

    (between Lafayette & Mulberry).

    6. BookCourt

    7. Alabaster Bookshop

    8. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

    9. WORD Bookstore

    10. Forbidden Planet

    11. Rizzoli Bookstore

    12. Posman Books

    13. Left Bank Books

    14. Three Lives & Co

    These stores are only a handful of the bookshops NYC has to offer!