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10 Reasons To Get Excited For Fall With Pinterest

Summer is ending and fall is approaching. Pinterest knows just the way to get you ready to embrace the autumn season!

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1. Make a bucket list.


Not sure what you want to accomplish this season? Write out a bucket list of fun fall activities like this one that is found on Pinterest! You know you want to launch yourself into a pile of leaves this season don't lie.

2. Football...and of course football snacks!


We're all excited for football season to start but we're probably just as excited for all the Pinterest football party snacks! If our team is going to lose miserably or kick ass we want to be happily fed while we watch.

3. Back to school!


Okay, maybe we all aren't thrilled that summer is ending, but who doesn't love buying new notebooks and pens? Or at least decorating your nails like them? Pinterest has an overabundance of ways to make your own personalized school supplies for this school year.

5. Leaves everywhere!


The best part of fall has to be watching all the leaves change colors. However, Pinterest encourages you to rake up all those leaves and use them for all kinds of DIY festivities.

6. The delicious autumn candle scents.


Pinterest provides only the best when it comes to candle decor. Dress up your candles with leaves or make a candle holder out of a pumpkin. I don't care what you do as long as you hook me up with a delicious fall Yankee Candle scent (pumpkin spice I'm coming for you!).

7. Eating lots and lots of pie.


The number of pie recipes on Pinterest is truly inconceivable. With the help of that website you'll be baking (and eating) a ridiculous amount of various pies this fall. You can never eat too many pies...

8. All things that relate to apple cider.


Whether you've gone apple picking or you bought a bunch of apples at the store, a fall necessity is apple cider. Not only does Pinterest have recipes to make your own tasty apple cider, they will also guide you through making apple cider donuts, cookies, cakes, and spiked apple cider sangria!

9. The many different things you can do with a pumpkin.


Pinterest will show you a million ways to use a pumpkin. You want to make an amazing carving? They can show you how to do that. Want to paint it? Go ahead! Want to bake it or wear it or turn it into a bowl? Pinterest has got you covered.

10. Halloween!


What would fall be without it's best holiday? It's Halloween time! Pinterest will set you up with decorations, costumes, and recipes to throw the greatest Halloween party you've ever seen!

Well, don't you feel overwhelmed now. Autumn is upon us and Pinterest is ready to take on the change of seasons, are you?

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