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10 Great Gifs Of Aubrey Plaza

If you're a Parks & Recreation fan, you know how funny Aubrey Plaza is. She's in a new film called The To Do List and is about to make the rest of the world see just how funny she is. In honor of her starring debut here are 10 great gifs of Aubrey Plaza being unenthusiastic and monotone, thus making her hilarious.

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Before anything watch Aubrey in the trailer for The To Do List!

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1. Drink up girl!

2. So lively we can't even handle her.

3. The Moon > All

4. Casual but cool.

5. Like a boss.

6. Subtle yet effective.

7. The best way to shop!

8. Watermelon anyone?

9. No caption necessary.

10. Row on over there Aubrey.

As a bonus, we'll provide you with possibly the most awkward interview Ellen Degeneres has ever conducted.

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Oh Aubrey you always know how to make us laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time.

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