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21 Actual Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

No sarcasm. No, really! This is legit!

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1. Do you do stuff other than putting the P in the V?

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Because it sounds like you do sex kinda boring.

2. Can guys really not unclasp bras?

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Just pinch and snap, pinch and snap!

3. Why are you so interested in gay sex?

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Also, you could've just googled every question you ask a gay person and saved us all a whole lot of awkwardness.

4. Why are so many of you so into gay shipping?

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Like we get it, but what's it to you?

5. And why are the rest of you so blind to it?

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#rizzles 4 life

6. Do you think it’s appropriate to out your gay friends?

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Spoiler alert: probably check if it's cool with them.

7. What about if they’re there?

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Like, it's kinda rude.

8. Is it really that big a deal if someone thinks you’re gay?

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It probably just means you look pretty hot tbh.

9. If so, why?

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Just take a compliment and get out of here.

10. What does it mean when you ask us “who’s the guy/girl”?

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Like...we're either two guys or two girls...that's kind of the point.

11. Why do you go to gay bars?

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I mean, OK the music is great and the people are fun and the dancing is awesome...I think maybe I just answered my on question.

12. Why do you seem to gender your drinks?

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Both fruity cocktails and beer are delicious - why can't everyone drink everything?

13. Why do you often casually mention you’re straight in front of gay people?

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I pinky promise we're not trying to hit on you.

14. What’s with the whole “straight pride” thing?

Have you really felt oppressed as a straight person? Because if so that's probably more about your own personal issues.
Buzzfeed / Via

Have you really felt oppressed as a straight person? Because if so that's probably more about your own personal issues.

15. Seriously though, do you know what the gay agenda is?

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Because, in all honesty, gay people aren't sure what you're talking about.

16. Are you terrified that any time you have sex you could accidentally spawn a person?

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Because that is genuinely terrifying, and the #1 benefit of being gay.

17. Do guys really not know where the clitoris is?

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I mean, it's right there. Right?

18. Do you really think gay sex gross?

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Are you really that weirded out by your own bits?

19. What actually is the sanctity of marriage?

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Britney's 55-hour marriage was certainly a high point for you guys.

20. Why do you enjoy gay rumours so much?

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I know sexy rumours are fun, but is it really that big a deal if someone's gay now?

21. Why do you ask us to “prove it”?

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Contrary to popular opinion, we do not receive a gay ID card and a membership pack upon coming out.

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