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12 Things You Did At Work Today

Your boss might not know how much you slack off, but we do.

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1. Tried to see how many cups of coffee you could drink before hallucinating / Via reddit

Turns out you have a pretty high tolerance for caffeine at this point.

2. Extended toilet visit / Via

...that was so long it got interrupted by cleaners who thought they were empty

3. Checked BuzzFeed, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and (even!) LinkedIn / Via reddit

And then refresh each one on a 5-minute rolling basis.

4. Started panicking about being found out and deleted all the computer history / Via reddit

FYI: when looking for the article where Vince Cable called London a suction machine draining life out of the UK, do NOT search for "london sucking hole". Seriously.

5. Went to get a cup of tea and ended up walking around the office looking busy and official / Via reddit

"I am going to the kitchen for tea and now I am going to the toilet and now I must go to the water cooler and then there are these papers I must recycle!"

6. Mindlessly ate your daily calorie allowance’s worth of some random snack that you don’t even like that much because it was there / Via

No semblance of shame.

7. Unsuccessfully navigated an interaction with your office crush / Via reddit

"Did you have a weekend?...wait..."

8. Unsuccessfully navigated an interaction with your office manager / Via reddit

"Sorry, my Excel's been so weird today..." means: "the only formula I know is =SUM".

9. Noticed your manager was looking at you / Via reddit typed nonsense into Word to appear like you know what you’re doing

10. Was caught typing said nonsense / Via reddit

I'm limbering my fingers!

11. Got bored and ate your entire lunch by 11.30(am) / Via Cooper's Dogpatch

It was pretty good though.

12. Day-dreamed about jobs you’ll have once you get older and inevitably more successful / Via reddit

One day I will be Princess Leia (and/or Liz Lemon). One day.

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