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21 Reasons Carrie Bradshaw Is Actually Really Annoying

No, I don't want to be a "Carrie."

1. That time she insisted she could fund her Manhattan apartment, and extravagant lifestyle, on one column a week.

HBO / Via

Before the book deals, I'd be amazed if she could even eat never mind clothe herself.

2. Her love of, and persistent use of, the phrase ‘It got me to thinking’.

HBO / Via


3. That time she got pissy because Big's ex wife Natasha wouldn't accept her apology for having that lengthy affair with Big.


What did she actually expect to happen? You can't interrupt a girl's lunch with that and it all be okay.

4. Her frankly dangerously lax attitude to credit card debt.

HBO / Via

Her monthly payments must be astonishing. No sympathy.

5. Every time she pushed Big to commit when it was really glaringly obvious to everyone else (including us viewers) that he wasn’t ready to.


Once again, no sympathy.

6. That time she went to the country with Aidan and wore heels.

HBO / Via

Can you...can you just take them off FOR ONCE?! You own flats, Carrie. I've SEEN them.

7. All the smoking. It just got a bit dull, really.

HBO / Via

Maybe to an early 2000s audience it was normal, but it's really bloody repetitive.

8. That time she made the first time she farted in front of Big the issue of the episode.

HBO / Via

I mean, really?

9. A lot of the outfits.

HBO / Via

A flat cap? Come on.

10. A LOT of the outfits.


Some of them were really quite hard to look at.

11. That episode where her computer crashed and she hadn't backed ANYTHING up.

HBO / Via

Once again, YOU'RE A JOURNALIST. How has the concept of a hard drive eluded you thus far?

12. The way she bored her friends with the same crap every episode.

HBO / Via

Moan, moan, moan. It was endless.

13. That time she saw Aidan (when he'd cut his hair, put a decent shirt on and gone to the gym) and decided she liked him again.


Are you fourteen years old?

14. The more you watch, the more you realise that her columns mainly consisted of rhetorical questions and tediously general statements.

HBO / Via

Am I the only person who thinks Samantha should have been writing the sex column, and Carrie would be more at home with greetings cards or something?

15. By the time she told Big where to go, it was season six and they were an item again by the next episode.

HBO / Via

Make up your damn mind, Carrie.

16. Her worst habit: she’ll listen to her friends for a few minutes over brunch and then bring it right back round to her again in record time.

She giveth and then she taketh away.

17. Her love life is so simultaneously terrible and busy that it's actually difficult to watch at times.

HBO / Via

Yes, it's absolutely fine if you have an unsettlingly rough make out sesh with Big in a lift. (Something that's never addressed again, weirdly.)

18. And despite the fact her love life is generally chaos, her friends still consult her like she's a bloody oracle.

HBO / Via

They should all just ask their mothers. They'd be surprised.

19. In the films, she's even more contrary.

New Line Cinema

*spends what must be hundreds of thousands of dollars on an amazing apartment*

*gets annoyed when Big wants to put his feet up and spend any time in it like the middle aged man he is*

20. And then there's the "I bumped into Aidan in Abu Dhabi, it's a sign" thing.

New Line Cinema

A sign that you're about to cheat on your husband.

21. I can both love and accept a flawed character, but Carrie Bradshaw you take the piss.

HBO / Via

Thank God for the other three.

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