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21 Reasons Carrie Bradshaw Is Actually Really Annoying

No, I don't want to be a "Carrie."

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3. That time she got pissy because Big's ex wife Natasha wouldn't accept her apology for having that lengthy affair with Big.


What did she actually expect to happen? You can't interrupt a girl's lunch with that and it all be okay.


14. The more you watch, the more you realise that her columns mainly consisted of rhetorical questions and tediously general statements.

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Am I the only person who thinks Samantha should have been writing the sex column, and Carrie would be more at home with greetings cards or something?


17. Her love life is so simultaneously terrible and busy that it's actually difficult to watch at times.

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Yes, it's absolutely fine if you have an unsettlingly rough make out sesh with Big in a lift. (Something that's never addressed again, weirdly.)

19. In the films, she's even more contrary.

New Line Cinema

*spends what must be hundreds of thousands of dollars on an amazing apartment*

*gets annoyed when Big wants to put his feet up and spend any time in it like the middle aged man he is*

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