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20 Reasons Why You Should Be Following Richard Ayoade On Twitter

Stephen Fry's rightful heir.

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1. For his insightful critiques of celebrity culture.

2. For his ability to condense thought-provoking literary analyses into 140 characters.

3. Because he makes his followers feel included in any discussion, no matter how bizarre.

4. Because he's a strong, powerful man and he's not ashamed of it.

5. Because much like his most famous TV role, Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd, he's very averse to swearing unless absolutely necessary.

6. Because he knows a profitable idea when he sees it.

7. Because he's full of compassion.

8. Because he asks the questions that we'd never think to ask.

9. Because he's clearly doing some kind of important survey and he needs our input.

10. A VERY important survey.

11. Because he cares about the rights and representation of hayfever sufferers in mainstream media.

12. Because he's a man who knows what he wants.

13. Because he makes his followers feel needed with various bizarre requests.

14. Because he's done with people's judgemental crap and he's not afraid to say it.

15. For his take on the omnipresence of the internet and how it dominates popular culture as we know it.

16. For brief and intriguing insights into his everyday life.

17. Because we could all do with a dose of self-esteem THIS powerful.

18. For snippets of bizarre wisdom and observation in a sea of otherwise mundane tweets.

19. Because sometimes there's nothing wrong with taking things literally in the name of humour, and he's well aware of that.

20. So he can FINALLY set the record straight.

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