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12 Ways Your Life Would Be Unimaginable Without Your Smartphone

It's a scary old world without WiFi

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1. There’d be no way to share all your thoughts and opinions with the world in a tight and witty 140 characters. / Via Giphy

You may as well just be screaming into the wilderness.

2. No group chats. Forget that high level of social organisation.

Bravo / Via Giphy

How did people used to make plans?

3. So you would go to meet someone and if they didn’t show up you’d just…go home?

NBC / Via Giphy

We really don't need any more crushing disappointment in this world.

4. There’d be no easily-accessible map in your pocket

Comedy Central / Via Giphy

Imagine being in a new city without international roaming and Google maps. Unthinkable.

5. No portable playlists. Just a world of silence, all the time.

Logo TV / Via Giphy

How are you supposed to pretend you're in a movie on long car journeys?

6. And you’d have to go and manually check your emails…?

CNN / Via Giphy

I suppose a newsletter from Urban Outfitters isn't really worth a notification though, anyway.

7. Train journeys would be pretty dull without the world’s content and media at your finger tips.

Imgur / Via Giphy


8. No HD camera in your pocket! Say goodbye to that luxury.

Fox / Via Giphy

Doesn't matter if it's a selfie or a panoramic shot of a mountain range. Time to save up for that DSLR...

9. And there are all those little seemingly pointless apps too. God bless 'em.

Comedy Central / Via Giphy

Sometimes a little bit of trivia is what makes life worth living.

10. Let’s face it, there’s very little your smartphone can’t do.

NBC / Via Giphy

What amazing little rectangles they are.

11. And it’s really nice to just stare aimlessly at it and scroll sometimes.

YouTube / Via Giphy

Especially while on the toilet, at a bus stop, or waiting for a Tinder date you're not quite sure about.

12. Thank you smartphones, thank you WiFi, thank you Bluetooth.

20th Century Fox / Via Giphy

For all that you do for us.

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