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    Bethenny Frankel Is The Best "Real Housewife" Of All Time, And If You Want To Argue, Get Off My Jock

    We stan the original Queen B.

    If you're like me, you are obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise. The fights! The fashion! The misuse of and/or misspoken common words and phrases!

    Each region offers something unique, and every housewife throughout Bravo's history has contributed to this powerhouse of reality television (yes, even Jules).

    However, there is one housewife who, in my opinion, is (I guess *was* SOBS) superior. That woman is Bethenny Frankel.

    Those of you who are unfamiliar with the franchise might be asking this question:

    She is the founder and CEO — the Supreme, if you will — of the Skinnygirl global brand. Ever heard of it?

    While many (not all) from the Housewives franchise are has-beens trying to come back into society, or wives of the wealthy and powerful, Bethenny was as broke as I am now when they shot Season 1 of the Real Housewives of New York (I will refer to it as "RHONY" from here on out).

    Here are the reasons why she's the best Housewife.

    1. Besides being a self-made businesswoman, TV producer, chef, multiple New York Times Best Selling author and mother, B was and is just a downright BADASS.

    2. She was never afraid to tell it like it is, and never held back.

    3. She has the guts!

    4. Sugar-coating the truth? Not an option for her.

    5. She advocated for full transparency at all times.

    6. Case in point:

    7. She always asked the important questions...

    8. ... No matter how embarrassing they might be for others.

    9. She also asks the questions we all wish we could ask others.

    10. She has, HANDS DOWN, some of the best one-liners of the entire Housewives franchise. Like this one:

    11. And this one:

    12. This one? Genius.

    13. And here are some other honorable mentions:

    14. She did the best imitations of her castmates. Exhibit A: her imitation of Ramona Singer flirting.

    15. Exhibit B: Her imitation of LuAnn demanding coffee.

    16. Exhibit C: Her imitation of Ramona's party demands.

    17. She's relatable as a woman, a mother, a businesswoman — just basically, as a person.

    18. Like this, I feel this in my soul.

    19. And this. Same.

    20. Bethenny also started the disaster relief initiative BStrong, which has helped during hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and most recently COVID-19.

    In conclusion, Bethenny Frankel will forever be THE Queen of RHONY and Real Housewives everywhere.

    Excuse me while I channel my innerBethenny and prematurely say this about any disagreement on this post:

    OK, bye.