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Your IDEAL Summer Job.

this is a joke. Summer sucks. nothing will free us but the sweet release of death

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  1. how much do you get paid?

    literally nothing. lol
    you get paid by Christian organizations. God pays you
    depends on inflation and purchasing power. Hahaha
  2. What do u do all day

    nothin. This
    Paint murals? Buy pizza? Preach to children for sho
    Reports and talking to your bud patty
    Control the money supply. Jk. Something with wires maybe (?????) and ur a serial pranker!
    Pick up poop
  3. Weirdest thing you've done at work

    Been a criminal accomplice. Still laughing at that one
    Mailed a decapitaed overdosed cat head somewhere. Wait I just thought of this. deCATpatated.
    Fallen asleep in a stairwell
    Became friend with some old men
    Literally EAT the grounds of the coffee/tea you make instead of drinking it. HIGHLY LOOKED DOWN UPON
  4. What do u wear to work

    A little collared shirt khaki action
    Jackets u think r from old navy but are actually a couple hundy
    nice clothes but u look like someone who was on a 2 week bender and lived in a garbage can
    Alice and Olivia pants you claim make u look like a boy but are really nice
    ur literal pajamas
  5. your ACTUAL dream job

    sports management, even though STUPID WEBSITES SAY OTHERWISE
    After this horrible experience, a docta
    talk show Host. #nomorereports
    A business woman. "System.out.println "no more code!!!" ;"
    Something with politics. All u do at your current employment is watch CNN anyways

Your IDEAL Summer Job.

You got: Ashleigh's job: AT&T intern

Heyo. This is the job for you. The name of the game is excell and GROSS OVERCOMPENSATION. you stink up the microwaves with your gluten free pizza and 7 day old Asian fusion leftovers. You've been known to say out loud to your real human boss in regards to a certain question he posed "uh huh yes well I don't know very much about that to much.l poetic. Truly. But seriously you do more than that dud sitting next to you, and along with that dud, you've been classified as the weirdest and most exclusive group in the office. Thank you.

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You got: Spencer's job: YMCA, church leader extraordinare

So no one quiet knows your hours, or the specifics of your job. You definitely have become the ~artistic mural type~ this summer. You are really working your ranks up through the Y! it's turned quite into the family business, as you work right along side your very own brother. on another note, you've lost that twinkle in your eye and optimism of youth you used to possess while manning the ranks of the Y front desk. Weighed down by 3 years of the burdens of corporate life, you've succumbed to the fatigue of corporate life . But I believe that spark is still there. Alongside this career is one with the shaping the impressionalble minds of this nations christian youths through the apparatus of pizza and basketball. Admirable. Truly. Unfortunately this hard earned money is going to paying people to do your math homework. LOL

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You got: Sarah's job: animal garbage man

where do I start. LOL. Is where I start. You pick up poop for mimimum wage. LOL. LOL. LOL. But you do get to cut some intestines and animal parts which is sweet. However the unsolicited pictures of these NEEDS TO STOP. also you deal with cat druggies, severed heads, and sketchy mail deliveries. Lol that's like mob work. You're like in the animal Mafia. Hahahahahahahah. I can't even think of anything else. Hahahaha. Your job sucks

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You got: Lauren's job: Government apparatus employee to the stars

A majority of your friends are old granpas. But honestly, that really suits you the more i think of it . No one is quite sure what you do either, something about wires (????) but you get paid pretty well. The loca l office comedian, you've come to impress your coworkers with your slew of hilarious dad jokes and pranks- you trickster!!!! Your untainted enthusiasm and excitement for your work is something we all strive for. Let's hatch an elaborate plan to steal the money from the vault.

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You got: Hannah's job: cynical intern

Where to start. GROSS OVERCOMPENSATION. You literally do nothin. If you need any more proof check the author of this buzzfeed quiz. Some lady named Helen emails you everyday even tho she is a crazy secretary who didn't go to college. In the early stages you've been known to watch entire Netflix movies UNINTERUPED (see the line where the sky hits the sea it calls me!!) and accidentally fall asleep. You steal coffee from every floor with your equally jaded and weird desk mate and are generally an extreme nuisance and waste of money for the esteemed telecommunications company. hahah. Scammin.

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