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Which Secuace Are You?

rough translation. which minion are you?. you better get yourself. This buzzed quiz bout to be strange and specific.

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  1. Favorite article of clothing

    versatile jacket (we all know the one)
    bob marley stoner walmart shirt (8 dollars baby)
    oversized red jacket
    nicer clothing than your bum friends. like jeans and stuff
    baby uggs
  2. Favorite pastime

    reading (nerd)
    watching tru tv
    lifting bro
    making nachoz
  3. favorite song

    i dont think you listen to music
    some german song about balloons
    trap songs
    piano youtube videos ( i know i know this applies to 2 people)
    les miserables. so much raw emotion. you tear up. you're not to blame
  4. dream job

    coder to the stars
    sports management. getting your early beginnings at the good ol YMCA (its fun to stay at the)
    politician who writes for buzzfeed and teaches history on tha side.
    talk show host
    veterinary for famous animals. i hear oprah winfreys dog sadie is getting sick.
  5. if you could be anything what would you be

    UT football player
    a dog. probably chunk.
    alive during the 15th century. (the reformation and the discovery of the new world?! you're kidding me. radical.) you hope that you would skip the whole bubonic plaque 1/3 of europe wiped out part thooo.
    a puzzle. cuz ur a nerd
  6. if you could rob anything and get away with it. what would it be?

    peoples french fries. (you do get a way with it)
    a pet store
    the national archives to steal the declaration of independence (nick cage. sigh)
    kung fu panda museum. (skadosh)
    chocolate milk store
  7. your favorite people?

    the secuaces,
    the secuaces,
    the secuaces,
    the secuaces
    the secuaces

Which Secuace Are You?

You got: You are Spencer Lewis

A fan of all thing UT, you've been known to memorize the heights, weights, high schools and numbers of EVERY SINGLE UT football player. Some would label it strange, some might even call it borderline psychotic but its actually kind of cool. A well traveled gentleman, you've been to all 50 states and even posted the same photo in anchorage 2 times (contigent on the rest of the secuaces approval). Speaking of, your crew consists of your girlfriend, her sister, and their best friends (who are also sisters). which is actually hilarious and something you get roasted for. an impractical joker, you've been known to watch tru tv (a potentially failing network) for hours and hours on end. you are a friend to all and gave your car a stripper name. we love you trixie.

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You got: You are Lauren Pacewicz

You are the wiser and aged secuace, yet somehow you retain the innocence and sweetness of a young sheep. A lover of foreign music and just dance, you never fail to amuse and enthrall everyone you are with. The biggest fan of your sense of humor?? definitely yourself. BUT HEY thats awesome. also you code like a beast. can i get an CLOUD SECURITY! yes you can, because you invented it. and how can this be put delicately, YOU ARE A MAJOR NERD. favorite pastimes: reading, puzzles, and discussing art history with your fellow secuace nerd. also you love reciting poem in a scottish/old english (honestly not really sure) accent. nough said

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You got: your are Ashleigh Pacewicz

where to begin. you get bullied for making nachos 3 times a day. I'm here to insure you that it will get better. their is and will be a diminishing stigma around consuming 3 plates of hawt cheddar corn goodness and your roommates will come crying to your steps begging for forgiveness. you are gluten free (a little known fact. jk) but somehow that has not restricted you from being a lover of all food. You often need a translator when talking to others as sometimes the thoughts in your brain do not connect with the words coming out of your mouth. But hey that just adds to your charm. A cultured musician you can sing and play the classics of william joel and other classic rockers. ahhh born in the wrong decade :'(. distinguishable features? that graceful run and that new jersey accent. 1 word. wuder last thing. you eat celery and cream cheese...which is weird. but surprisingly good.

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You got: you are Sarah Sobo

you are your school's number one fan! go tigers! jk. they won the natty tho. which is pretty cool. your jokes are strange and specific and the origin of them often cannot ever be placed. (reference "sorry ranjeet". seriously. where did that come from.) some would say you are intimidating, but deep down you have a soft blubbering heart. you've tried to rename your female dog entitled lexi to michael. and now she has multiple personality disorder. thank you sarah. you might have actually been raised in an african american community for a couple years and your parents are hiding it from you, for you are very interested in their cultural dances and songs, and you and others claim that you have jungle fever. WHICH IS A TERM I DO NOT APPROVE OF AND I THINK IT PROPAGATES DAMAGING AND ANTIQUATED STEREOTYPES THAT MUST BE DISTINGUISHED IMMEDIATELY. on a similar note, your sister kind of turned you into a dirty liberal. one. person. at. a. time. baby. you've been known to go humanely impossible amounts of time without sleep and every month or so you get a strange groupie who will follow you and listen/love everything you say devotedly.

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You got: you are Hannah Sobo

you LITERALLy almost missed your flight making this buzzfeed quiz. and you really hope they hire you. (buzzfeed, if you are reading this i think id make a really good addition to your staff id work really hard and i think I've found my calling ). that is all. also you love history and making people laugh but you hate self reflection, so this description ends here.

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