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19 Things You NEED To Know About Annie Dodd On Her 19th Birthday

The ides of August have FINALLY arrived. Just using my favorite platform to wish my undeniably favorite person a happy happy birthday. This bf post will serve as a survival guide, a everything you need to know, a annie dodd for dummies if you will, so all you content readers, whether you have found this intentionally or not, can understand the reasons she is so great.

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1. She wears fake glasses

Annie dodd (left) is a HUGE fan of visionary enhancement, despite any known disability in the form of vision. This has known to create conflict in the past between her and me (pictured right). I mean it's not that she isn't serving looks in these, because clearly she is. It's just that I think it's a slap in the face to those 4 eyed friends who were not graced with 20/20 vision.

2. She is a professional selfie timer taker

She shares her love of "high risk high reward" selfie timers with everyone she meets. In fact, the picture in the first reason, along this one, are both photos of the selfie timer genre. They are never what casual viewers of photography would label 'remotely good pictures', but they capture moments in time worth remembering. This particular moment was a quick stop in Waco before attending the infamous mad dawg party. Hopefully, an annual tradition

4. She is my best friend

I like her so much I am using company wifi, that is constantly monitored, surrounded by 30 year professional employees to create this quiz. So will I get hired back next year?? Ehh maybe. If not, totally worth it! Sorry Att tech people! Hope you like this quiz! (This is a picture I just took of me at work)

5. She is creative

This Is a picture of one of her finest inventions, charms waffle. One of the greatest food concoctions to ever grace the hallowed halls of ohill, maybe the world, this recipe consists of waffle batter and stale marshmallow lucky charms. Could ohill have burned down in this pursuit?? Maybe. But that just shows the lengths annie will go to express her creative side

6. She is goofy.

This is a picture of condelezza rice that we taped to the wall of a fraternity house. Along with annie, Condy R is a women worth remembering and commemorating. Like my girl rice, annie will make a HUGE impact in the world, mark my buzzfeed words. What i would give to see the brothers of (the hall's ???) faces when they saw this wallet-sized picture of the influential Secretary of State shining from the walls of their home.

7. Game day pictures are NOT her thing

I literally hate them too. This might be the only one we have LOL. Something about getting dressed up walking miles and sitting on a hill to watch sub par football is made worse when pictures are involved. Bonus: shell comment anytime I dress like a kind hearted biker, which of course I love.

8. She knows how to pick up her friends when they are down

This is a cookie cake annie I think spent 40 dollars on when we were all in the mood for some cookie action. If you can't see, as I have already established that annie can perfectly (note the fake glasses), the cake has a sad cat on it that says "sorry your day sucked." Thanks sad cat! If I recall correctly, I think all of us had a fine day, but it was made IMMEASURABLY better by her purchase of that cookie cake. Bonus scoop: when we all gave up sweets for lent, we said that cookie cake was the only exception, because in the Bible God said he would send his son to save us for eternity UNLESS there was cookie cake involved. Hahahahaha.

9. She really loves her family

Okay this is more of a serious one. She really loves her family a lot and it is one of the things I most admire about her, and I have loved in the past year getting to be apart of the kindness and laughs they share with each other. Literally everyone loves this family, to the point where the denitist talked to me about it for like 25 minutes. I tried to share that same sentiment with him, put he was poking my mouth and spraying water into it, so I simply nodded my head in vigorous agreement.

10. Style is her MIDDLE NAME. (Actually it's Rebecca)

Look at this dress! And those earrings! We may have spent hours looking for the perfect dress, came across many a road blocks, but finally found the perfect annie dress. (L&H babay!)

11. She'll share a meal with you any time day or night

Contrary to the belief of many, this is a banana nut muffin, that might be top 5 best things we've ever consumed. Even thought chocolate chip was what we were going for, this picture will NEVER lose it's relevance and can be deployed in times of great confusion and chaos. Thanks for sharing this muffin with me annie.

13. She is LITERALLY hilarious

We laughed at this for almost an hour. Why? Because we have an eerily similar sense of humor. To the general public, this humor was probably a 2/10. She is equally the best audience and best comic. I laugh at everything she says, and in the most obnoxious way possible we make each other like 10 times funnier. It's gotten to the point where we've had to forcibly create distance between ourselves church. Laughing during prayer is universally looked down upon, but sometimes we just can't stop. Like I've had to shut my eyes and bite my own hand to stop

14. She's always there for you

ESPECIALLY when you don't want to ask anyone to your date function. She'll also leave with you from any event as early as 11, as we did on this night, because something about a rave at a crazy night club is just not as appealing you as watching tv in your bed. Hey annie, on this birthday of yours, I want you to party like it's 1895!!!!! ( the founding year of chi o. Hahahahahah)

15. She's adventurous

In the most irresponsible and exhilarating moves of our lives, we spent 80 dollars to attend a chef showdown. We stuffed ourselves with 8 plates of food and made food network worthy commentary on each plate. Definition of adventure. Side note. We still hate ina garten. Why is her husband Jeffrey always away on vacation and why won't she let make a wish Lonzo on her show.

16. She loves camp

I don't have any actual pictures from camp, because I wasn't there, but this was the week she got back and look how excited my face is about that! Anyways she is a camp counselor superstar and literally won best counselor award over like hundreds of people which is a) not even remotely surprising and b) something I am really really proud of her for!

17. She is so supportive

She literally ran my zeta 5k despite having a FULL schedule of events that day. I love that. Also she's training for a half marathon, to which I say, I am half impressed. JUST kidding, I will mirror her same support and make it my duty to be her coach. Stay tuned for a rocky like montage of annie punching frozen meet.

18. She has made our school feel like home

Another serious one. I don't know what uva would Be like without her. Like seriously. I am so glad I get to share this part of my life with her. She makes a special place a million times more special.

19. She is so well loved

I talk about her so much people tell me to literally shut up. But how can you not?? She is loved and adored by everyone she meets. She is the first person I turn to almost instinctively with good or bad news. She is an example of what it means to be a good friend and person and I could not look up to her more (even though I am just realizing that I am almost a year older than you). You are probably the only person I would spend 2 hours and drain 60 percent of my battery (sans charger) making a buzzfeed quiz for. Anyways I love you and hope you have a fantastic day. I will see you really soon!!!

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