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    16 Things Every British Muslim At Christmas Knows To Be True

    Let’s face it: Being a Muslim at Christmas time is tough.

    1. Christmas is pretty underwhelming when you know you won't get presents.

    2. “You don’t celebrate Christmas?!” people will say, while looking shocked, every. single. day.

    3. You’ll still have to explain that Muslims believe in Jesus.

    4. Disclaimer: This might blow the mind of some people.

    5. Some newspaper will accuse you of trying to "ban" Christmas.

    6. To which you’ll be like:

    7. That doesn't mean you won't try join in with the festivities.

    8. Altough, it’s likely you’ll mistake Mulled Wine for Ribena.

    9. And it's kind of awkward being the only sober person at your office Christmas party.

    10. At least one of your uncles will tell you celebrating Christmas is haraam (forbidden).

    11. But that won’t stop you singing Christmas songs.

    12. Just don’t do it on the way to Jummah prayers.

    13. But at the end of it all, Christmas day IS all about the family.

    14. And the food.

    15. (Mostly the food.)

    16. Just don’t miss your morning prayers !