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    16 Things Every British Muslim At Christmas Knows To Be True

    Let’s face it: Being a Muslim at Christmas time is tough.

    1. Christmas is pretty underwhelming when you know you won't get presents.

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    2. “You don’t celebrate Christmas?!” people will say, while looking shocked, every. single. day.


    “Did you even have a childhood?”

    3. You’ll still have to explain that Muslims believe in Jesus.

    4. Disclaimer: This might blow the mind of some people.


    5. Some newspaper will accuse you of trying to "ban" Christmas.


    6. To which you’ll be like:

    7. That doesn't mean you won't try join in with the festivities.

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    8. Altough, it’s likely you’ll mistake Mulled Wine for Ribena.


    9. And it's kind of awkward being the only sober person at your office Christmas party.

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    10. At least one of your uncles will tell you celebrating Christmas is haraam (forbidden).

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    11. But that won’t stop you singing Christmas songs.

    12. Just don’t do it on the way to Jummah prayers.

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    13. But at the end of it all, Christmas day IS all about the family.

    CBS / Via

    14. And the food.

    15. (Mostly the food.)

    MGM / Via

    16. Just don’t miss your morning prayers !


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